Hamady Architects is an architectural design firm with offices in Greenwich, CT, and Boston, MA, with practice and experience on properties in the US, Europe and the Middle East.  We provide design services for residential urban and rural properties, assisting our clients in developing a comprehensive master plan informed by the inextricable relationship between architecture, landscape design, and interior decoration. 

The designs of the firm are rooted in a deep respect for nature and the particular cultural context relying on the traditional arts and crafts of building.  Historical and time-tested principles and patterns inform and guide the design process.  The careful integration of built forms and natural forms is harmonized to achieve a heightened experience of living that transcends a particular language or style.

The firm strives for rigorous and disciplined pursuit of excellence.  It has been recognized by the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art with its reception of two 2013 Stanford White Awards for additions and renovations to an 18th Century Cottage and a 1930 Georgian Estate in Greenwich, CT, a 2014 Stanford White Award for an addition and renovation to an 18C Dutch colonial farm house in Bedford, NY, a 2015 John Russell Pope Award for a the design of new house at the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia and a 2017 Stanford White Award for an addition to an early colonial house in Greenwich, CT.  In 2016, the firm received a Palladio Award for a renovation and addition to a house in Greenwich, CT.